Asian Streetwear - Appropriation or Collaboration?

"I’ve forever questioned how the Japanese and Chinese stay ahead of global trends so consistently. Enthusiasts are kitted out in limited edition pieces from exclusive drops that are difficult to even find out about, let alone manage to get yourself in attendance. So how does it work? Streetwear is a global trend rapidly ascending into a way of life."

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You can argue that Asian fashion trends have been two to three years ahead of the west, why is that? What do you mean? Let's take a look at some examples.

The drop crotch, or carrot cut has been in Korean fashion since circa 2012/13, but it has only recently arrived on the shores of UK in 2015/16.

So besides the cutting and style, what other elements have been used in fashion design? 

"There is an ‘edgy’ vibe associated with Asian phrases, culture and character. It’s emergence into the West is very recent, and so there is a vast lack of knowledge. You don’t know that those symbols mean, yet you’ll encompass it into your wardrobe because you can."

The classic example here is Superdry. A British company that designs with vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics.

What is SOY trying to do?

Our mission has set us out on multiple trips to Asia, sourcing brands that utilises authentic and meaningful Asian phrases, culture and character in their designs. It's our job to tell you the story and concept behind each pieces, told to us by the brand owners themselves.

Checkout SHENNONG CAP by Dragon Made 8 and NINE WORDS MANTRA CAP by Hater. We want you to wear cool pieces and know the story behind each design.

We worked hard to source small to mid sized brands where we can make personal connections to the individuals. We believe their story is worth telling, and hope our content and video will share their messages across the world.

That's all from us for now, until the next post.

Stay swaggy. Team SOY.


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