🇰🇷 C’est Qui x The Internatiiional | Photographed by 🇬🇧 Steve Roe

Here at SOY we are all about an Asia x UK collaboration. We stumbled onto this amazing series of photos by British Photographer Steve Roe for South Korean brand The Internatiiional and DJ duo C'est Qui. We reached out to Steve and so glad to be able to feature his work on our blog.


Photographer Steve Roe recently teamed up with DJ duo C'est Qui who are made up of Closet Yi and Na One. Both have been making big moves in underground scene in Seoul and are beginning to gain international recognition, with the pair recently showing in line ups around big cities and festivals like Shanghai, Bangkok, and Ortigia Soundsystem festival in Sicily.

The Internatiiional, also based in Seoul, have recently just released their latest line of work. The fashion design team whose tees have been supported by the likes of Peggy Gou and Yaeji, have strong roots in the local underground music scene. Steve Roe spoke to Phrames about his idea behind the shoot for this collaboration.

"With C’est Qui and I initially planning to shoot together for promo material, our attention naturally drifted toward local design team The Internatiiional, who had just released their latest season of work.

The Internatiiional’s lead motto is, “Welcome to Acid House”. To emulate that feeling of hallucinogenic euphoria I used fractal light prisms to create holographic-type illusions.

This series was shot in Jongno, Seoul - an area famous for its narrow alleys and neon flooded streets. An ideal location to create a vibrant dreamscape."


Steve Roe 



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Like the work of Steve? Here's some more info on him.

I am photographer based in Seoul who has done a lot of work with Seoul Community Radio, one of the leading figures in the underground music culture in Seoul, which in turn feeds in to other underground cultures. Through SCR I met C’est Qui, they play every Tuesday night on SCR. Both of us know The Internatiiional, a fashion design team here who are heavily rooted in to the music scene and particularly that of Acid House. Their slogan “Welcome to Acid House” has been supported on tees by the likes of Peggy Gou and Yaeji as well as the likes of Seth Troxler. This month they released their latest range of tees and so it only made sense that we all collaborated together to create this project!



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