Best spots to get your own supply of Asian snacks

Since we have started our Youtube channel, we have always had this question: where on earth did you guys get your random Asian snacks and drinks from??

To be honest with you, we do buy some of it on our travels, some were given to us by friends and family. However we do get quite a bit of it from our local Asian supermarkets around London! So let's give you a quick guide on where to go.


London's very own, do explore and get into smaller shops selling a huge range of drinks and snacks. If you are not sure, just ask!

Wing Yip

Two very large Asian supermarket on the outskirts of London, one is located at Cricklewood north London and the other at Croydon south London. Started life as a Chinese supermarket, they now stock a huge range of products from all around Asia, ranges from Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese to name a few.

See Woo

Although smaller in size compare to Wing Yip, you can still find a good range of products here. Visit the one in Greenwich if you can, alternatively go for the one in Chinatown for a convenient pickup.

Japan centre

Recently relocated to a much larger space, Japan centre is your one stop shop for anything Japanese. Who can resist their fresh food from the counter followed by a spot of snack shopping afterwards!

Korean Town

New Malden AKA Korean town, home to many excellent Korean restaurants, has a large Korean community based in this area. Before you fill your stomach at our favourite Korean BBQ spot Kimchi village, be sure to visit a Korean Supermarket for your snacks and drinks pickup. We would recommend Korea Foods or H Mart as these are larger and where you might find better prices.



We hope you find this post useful, now go out and explore!

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