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In the beginning, the team strove to create original designs using only the PREMI3R logo to indicate quality ingenuity through word-of-mouth advertising. The brand evolution and growth was highly organic and pedestrian. This is largely owing to the young generation’s embrace of the designs, thus bringing PREMI3R  to the contemporary urban street. This unimagined success served as the inspiration and confidence to take the PREMI3R brand to the global market.

In the past, there were so many different hats representative of each nation’s specific climate, religion, occupations, and fashion culture. In the modern context, headwear has begun to change and represent a transnational exchange of fashion and culture ideas that has never been seen before in human history.

Hats designed to protect against the elements, like those designed to keep the sun off or the warmth in, will always have their place and purpose. Even within the confines of this “form for function” example, people continue to seek innovative color and design options more than ever before. This drives the creative process and, as a result, PREMI3R will never stop in the pursuit of meeting the demand for new ideas. PREMI3R brand lives the maxim “Don’t stop until you reach the top” while refusing to accept that the top exists. Never stop.


Soy now stocks a range of the most popular caps designs and ready to ship all across the UK.


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