Massage my friend? Foot massage vs Oil massage vs Thai massage

Walking down streets of Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand, you would be sure to find a massage parlour somewhere.
I, founder Jeff has just returned from a two weeks trip to Bangkok and Koh Samui in Thailand. I have visited a range of different massage spots and am here to tell you the difference between the different massage style. Read on to find out what you can expect when you do visit Thailand 🇹🇭!

Foot massage

A foot massage in Thailand doesn’t stop at just the feet themselves. The masseuse will focus and begin at your feet, then work up to the calves and thigh. A foot massage will typically last for 45mins and usually comes with a 15min head and shoulder massage to compete the 1 hr. I would recommend to start with the foot massage if you are visiting Thailand and for the first time, ease into it before advancing to oil and Thail massage 👌🏼.

Oil massage

As the name suggest, it’s a massage using various types of massage oil. The more relaxing one (supposedly) compared to Thai massage. It would be similar to massages in the west. You are required to strip down to your underwear. Guys and girls, don’t be shy, the masseuse won’t judge you!

Thai massage

The most advanced out of all three. The masseuse will proceed without any use of massage oil. Aka “The Dry Rub”. The masseuse will pull, press and stretch you at different pressure points to relieve stress and tension. You may feel sensations borderline on pain, but don’t fight it. Go with the masseuse and you will feel a lot looser and relaxed afterwards!


While you are here

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