Meet Charles Allcroft, 73-Year-Old Streetwear God

"The streetwear community attracts enthusiasts of all creeds, backgrounds, and ages. Take for example, Charles Allcroft, a 73-year-old former art history professor at the School of Visual Arts, with a focus on Tibetan and Indian art. Before that, he worked as a performance artist and playwright for 25 years."

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Some say you are too young to get into fashion, some say you are too old to get into streetwear. Question why? Streetwear is about dressing the way you want, make your statement. So why does it matter how old you are, if you have a message to say.

And at 73 years old, Charles Allcroft's message is still going strong.

"He developed a rapport with some of the shop guys at Supreme’s Lafayette flagship, who set aside some pieces for him on drop day. Since he was unable to make it to the shop when they opened in the morning, they set aside a bag with his stuff for him, and he’d come and pick it up at 6:30 p.m. on the dot, every Thursday. So they started labeling his bag as “Mr. 630,” even long after they learned his name."

Keeping doing you.

Stay swaggy. Team SOY.


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