NEW BRAND | Introducing Sick Ts

Established in 2012, Sick t's is the result of 3 childhood friends deciding one afternoon to have a go at making t shirts.

After taking some time to teach themselves the art of screenprinting, starting with a screen hinged to a table in a dirty garage, it emerged they were capable of creating some pretty sick t's; and so we decided to try and make something of it.

Naturally we have begun extending their arm to other articles of clothing in addition to just t's, and intend to continue this expansion in the future. All garments used are manufactured in carbon neutral factories.

Today, still finding enjoyment in the process, they do everything themselves; from creating the designs, and then printing them, down to bagging the end product and releasing them into the world.

Steering clear of an approach centred around branding, the clothing we produce always seeks to focus on the artwork, with the aim of creating some cool, and comfortable, to wear as they immerse themselves in the endless pleasures that life has to offer. 

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