Paying tribute to the Golden Harvest company

Golden Harvest (嘉禾娛樂事業集團有限公司) is a film production, distribution, and exhibition company based in Hong Kong. It dominated Hong Kong box office sales from the 1970s to 1980s and played a major role in introducing Hong Kong films to the Western market.

SOY is proud to present the Golden Harvest TOUR tee, designed to pay homage to the golden generation of Hong Kong cinema.

Famed for working with top martial arts actors such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, the Golden Harvest company produced an unbelievable list of classics such as Game of Death, Enter the Dragon, Project Am Wheels on Meals, Police Story... The list goes on. Check out the complete list to find your favourite classics here:

To celebrate the work of this of this magnificent company, the Golden Harvest TOUR tee is now stocking on the website for you to purchase. We hope you can show your support the the films we have all loved growing up!

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