Streetwear Is Mainstream Now: Get Over It

"In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, streetwear is massive now. What started as a bunch of guys obsessing over niche brands that no one else had heard of has evolved into a global youth movement, one that’s made even bigger thanks to social media. Everyone’s younger now — most of the kids lining up outside Supreme every Thursday are in their teens — but streetwear has become the go-to look for guys everywhere."

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So what does team SOY think about this Streetwear movement?

We 100% back the Streetwear movement. We are now in an era where everyone is dressing "urban", or "sports casual". What does this really mean?

Wearing tracksuit bottoms out are acceptable now, but there are guidelines to this. Baggy fit joggers should be left behind in the 90s. Now you want to wear a pair of dark skinny joggers to show off your fresh pair of trainers.

In this trend of logo culture, Hypebeasts out there are dressing more and more similar. Armed with a Supreme BOGO tee and a pair of Yeezys. Transformation complete. 

This is a real shame

Streetwear is about dressing the way you want your personality to portrait. So what does it say about you, when you rock the same outfit everyone else?

SOY hopefully is here to change that. 

We have been many different Asian cities like Toyko, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul... and every trip we have picked up unique pieces that all our friends asked us about.

Our idea was born. Wouldn't it be great if we can shop these brands at home here in UK too. It was a long journey, to search high and low across Asia to find the right brands. We hope you like our selection. Quantity are limited as we are a startup and we need your help to grow.

Stay swaggy. Team SOY.


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