Top 5 colours to rock in this spring/summer

 Spring/Summer in three words? Feel good fashion. The sun is out, you are copping pieces to rock for your holiday. The park, beach and swimming pool. We are hyped for the next few months here at SOY. 

To plan ahead, we have put together a list of top 5 colours to rock for your dope outfit this summer! Like we always say, money doesn't buy you style. You have to put effort into your outfit, and more doesn't mean better.

Let's jump into our list.

5 Yellow

Yellow remains popular as an accent colour. In the psychology of colour, yellow is associated with laughter, happiness, optimism and good times. Well, who doesn't want to be associated with someone like that?

4 Light Blue/Turquoise

When you blend blue, green, and a dash of grey, you get a shade with great range. It works beautifully with almost any other colour, especially it offsets whites and creams pieces. It's also easy to go monochromatic with blue-greens because they don't have to match exactly.

3 Pink

Can guys wear pink? Of course they can, only a man conformable enough in their sexuality can pull it off. It's the 21st Century things have changed. Pink is nothing more than colour and a colour does not define anyone’s masculinity or femininity. It's super easy to match your pink item with white, grey or black to complete the outfit.

2 Olive/Sand

Earthy and neutral tones are massive for the summer, just ask Kanye. Here are some of the top tips for that Olive/Sand outfit. Don’t go for anything too loud. Green can be a tricky colour to get right. Stick with more earthier olive greens. Street style fashion is a massive trend at the moment. Complete your look with some olive shorts or joggers. Think about your colour combinations. There’s no point in buying green clothes if you have nothing to wear it them. 

1 White

So fresh and so clean clean. What more can we say about white colour outfits. When it comes to style, sometimes less really is more. As much as bright colours and vivid prints have their place in every man’s warm-weather wardrobe, the power of taking a minimal approach should not be underestimated.

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