Top 5 pairs of "customs" round 1

Since our friends Dragon Made 8 completely rocked our world with his customs, we thought to ourselves, let's put together a top 5 list of best customs we have seen recently. No chill, Let's get into it.

5 Brazil colourway Custom Nike Uptempo

Credit Tyrell Cason‎ on Facebook.

Our first entry in the list, from the very talented Tyrell Cason. We love the mismatch use of colour, we would love to rock these with a pair of bleached jeans and a plain white tee.

4 Dragon Vans by Dragon Made 8

Credit @dragonmade8

Of course we had to include the brilliant work from our friend Derek from Dragon Made 8. We love the store behind the creation. "Seeing the shoesmith industry slowly dying in Hong Kong, Derek from Dragon Made 8 decided to do something about it. He partners with Old Masters of the trade to create these Custom Dragon Vans, to pay homage on the dedication in their field."

3 "What The Hype" Af1

Credit Rob Bass‎

What if you can't decide which Hypebeast brand you want to do for your pair of customs? No problem, simply do them all! Self dubbed the "The Hypebeast Custom King", Rob Bass has shown us the possibilities are endless.

2 Cartoon 1s

Credit Suheel Sheikh

Off White 1s flipped to cartoon Off White x LV. Left shoe is the Chicago 1 Off White. Right shoe is the Bred Toe 1 Off White

Inspired by the style of Joshua Vides, Suheel Sheikh created these sick cartoon style Chicago 1s and Bred Toe 1s. We love the this comic style and especially the LV pattern across the front of the shoes too.

1 Kowloon King AF1

Credit @dragonmade8

The second entry on the list. We went to Snobcon with a pair of these on show and everyone came to our stand to check them out. All eyes on these. 

Dragon Made 8 pays tribute to the once influential graffiti artist and the current streetwear scene with his take on the Air Force 1s. We love the story behind this and encourage you to read into this more. Simply search "Kowloon King 九龍皇帝" for more info.


We hope to do this list regularly. So if you have a pair of sick customs, hit us up on Instagram message @wearesoy_ig

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