Top 5 UK/INTERNATIONAL foodie YouTube channels

 Mark Wiens

"Food is the reason you should travel", which sums up maybe the number one foodie on YouTube, on this channel you'll watch videos that feature incredibly delicious food and very useful travel tips. 


The best ever food review show

One of the most energetic and engaging food presenter on Youtube, period. Sunny combines comedy with food review, while showing huge appreciation to the culture of each country he visits.


Strictly Dumpling

An US based YouTuber, Mikey Chen is the man with incredible appetite for food. With an addiction to all things spicy, he’s your man when it comes to chilli oil fantasies.


Only in japan

Expert in all things Japanese. This channel covers the great food on offer as well as cultural and interesting finds all across Japan 🇯🇵.


The Food Ranger

Armed with his classic catchphrase "Tai Hao Le", The Food Ranger Trevor James takes you to deep into China to explore the various regional dishes, as well as travelling abroad to experience and taste different cuisine. 



Thank you for checking out our list, we hope you like it. Comment below on who else we should feature. While you are here, why don't help our young SOY youtube channel by watching a few videos and hit that subscribe button!

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