SOY X DOM TSOI Demon Mask Tee Green/Pink

SOY X DOM TSOI Demon Mask Tee Green/Pink

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SOY is proud to announce another capsule collaboration with talented illustrator/artist Dom Tsoi and featured his beautiful work on the back of the Tee. His Website \ His Instagram

Growing up in Hong Kong, or if you are surrounded by Asian communities, you would have heard of a phrase referring white caucasian guys as "Gwailo". The first part of this phrase "Gwai" in Chinese translated to ghost, addressing the pale nature of the skin. Nowadays, "Gwailo" is a term generally used to describe foreigners.

Soy and Dom sat and worked together, sharing our life stories as second generation Asians growing up in the UK. Where cultures and race are more accepted in certain parts. We wanted to create a design that educates and celebrates the people, no matter what your skin colour is.

Deriving from the work "Gwai" ghost, we looked into how ghost/demons are portrayed in Asian cultures. We stumbled on a collection of demon masks in Japan and fell in love with the designs.

Dom created an amazing design with a Japanese demon masks split in half, symbolising the mask we wear doesn't truly reflect who we are on the inside. Soy then completed the design by selecting a Chinese phrase that drums home the story "人不可貌相  海水不可斗量" meaning "An individual cannot be judged by their looks, just like the sea cannot be measured by a cup."

The front of the tee is plain.

  • Classic fit design
  • Fit True to UK sizes
  • 100% Combed Cotton.
  • Jersey 4.9 oz/ 165g.